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Serve our customers with a difference

We thrives on delivering good quality services and fully integrated, innovative solutions to assist companies of all sizes adapt quickly and achieve real business value in the rapidly changing, increasingly competitive marketplace.  The key focus of our company is to achieve a high customer satisfaction with a 100% implementation success rate.

All our service offerings include detailed designs and configuration documentation as well as embedded project management.

Advisory Services
Implementation Services
Infrastructure Consulting

Our cloud and infrastructure advisory services help our clients assess different technologies and methodologies, and in doing so align their cloud, virtualisation, server, storage and backup strategies with their business strategies that allow for a more agile business environment

Hardware and Software project implementation services is complementary of the strategy, architecture and aolution design service offering and support the implementation and integration of cloud, server and/or storage & backup infrastructure and software. 

Our consulting services assist clients in formulating technology roadmaps based on industry trends, clear and vendor-neutral facts, best practices and latest technologies. This service will enable the client to increase efficiency, decrease infrastructure costs to achieve their business goals.

Infrastructure Optimisation
Onsite Support
Implementation of OEM Solutions

With this offering we assist the client in transforming and optimising existing infrastructure into a scalable, compliant, cost-efficient and tightly organised environment.
Some of our optimisation offerings are consolidation & virtualisation, proactive monitoring, reporting and trend analysis, hardware and software configuration,  automation, enterprise systems management (ESM) and Health checks / Assessments.


We offer on-site day to day operational support services in all our expertise areas. We can provide the client with the correct technical resources to support their IT environment as and when they need them.

We offer project implementation services on behalf of various OEM vendors and business partners in all of our expertise areas to ensure quality end to end solutions.
We use our internal project implementation methodology to ensure quality focussed and professional implementation services. 


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